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Are you looking forward to armoring your luxurious car? Many VIPs are now looking forward to armoring their vehicles with latest armoring technologies. Leading automakers are giving their best to provide the highest level of protection to the VIPs when traveling on the road.

Even if a VIP personnel travel with a team of strong security forces cordoning them; still, it can become hard to avoid the sabotage of the vehicle. The car in which the VIP person is traveling can become the victim of grenade or gun assault. This is where an Armored cars company can be of great help.

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Bulletproofing the Car

Even if you are not a VIP, you would need the services of an armored car. Armored or bulletproof vehicles can provide them complete security from assaults or from other threats.

Usually, the automakers make use of best technology and practices in order to come up with armored vehicles. Hence, law enforcement team to financial institutions, an individual to a corporate client can opt for Armored cars company protection. The armored enhancements can make the vehicles an ideal option while traveling through a high-risk zone.

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How Are Armored Cars Designed?

If you are interested to learn the exciting features of an armored vehicle, you will need to go through the rest of the blog.

  • Usually, a normal car is stripped in order to include the various level of armor. Composite ballistic fiber is used for the body which ensures that the car doesn’t become too heavy.
  • The windows they are made up of ballistic glass. It contains a mix of glass and polycarbonate pieces. The glass can easily consume the energy from gunshots or other ballistic threats.
  • In order to make a car transformed into complete protection, providing hinge door support system is important by Armored cars company. Basically, the door hinges are modified so that it can withstand the armoring weight.
  • The suspension is reinforced in order to hold the weight of the vehicle. The engine of the car needs to be armored. Armoring the engine can prevent damage and for this metal paneling and Kevlar can be very helpful. At the same time, the front portion of the vehicle like the bumper needs to be strengthened so that it can help the vehicle to move smoothly.
  • An important part of an armored vehicle is the tires. Care should be taken to use run-flat tire system. Basically, automakers fit the tire with horseshoe inserts in between the wheel and the tire wall. In the event of low pressure, the weight gets transferred to the device. Thereby, the car can easily move away from the place.
  • However, for creating a vehicle like an armored car, ballistic steel frames boosts the protection for the doors and windows. Moreover, the door pillars are strengthened so that no material can pierce inside.
  • The floors of any armored vehicle are made with nylon armor.

If you are facing threat from the outside world, invest in an armored cars company vehicle. The vehicles have the right armoring to protect you from dangers.

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